Play Shows Dot Org

"Instead of knocking things down... work on making things better."

Play Shows Dot Org was founded  by Nate Yager in March, 2012 .

We specialize in  Artist Management & Event Planning​.

Our main focus is to put a spotlight on the most talented artists of the Central Valley and to provide a professional platform to present their passion and hard work.

The Modesto masses don’t have much to feel prideful about, and most seek out pleasure and entertainment from the surrounding areas and even travel to distant cities like San Francisco, Oakland or Santa Cruz.

We will never have a stadium, a trolley or a boardwalk to enjoy in Modesto. But we could have more culture and a stronger sense of community.

In fact, there are a lot of things to enjoy in this city and there are numerous groups trying to build something better for this town and they need our support. Instead of knocking things down for what they are, we need to work on building them up and making them better.

Anyone who visits or lives in Modesto can point out all the things wrong with it. Many of us are guilty of that. But we need to make a difference, a change, for the entire population and generations to come - which is much more difficult but it is possible.

Play Shows Dot Org is in the group that will make a difference. You could be a part of it.

                                P.S. DO what makes a difference.

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